Brand Image Strategy / Morgane Cadario, creator and director of “Troupeou”

Customer testimonial - Morgane Cadario - Head of TROUPEOU '

“A lot of positive feedback on the launch of our website …

” When we started our business, we needed – as for many – the means of communication. It was difficult during a first business creation experience to define what we needed and especially to imagine the impact / importance of communication. In short, we needed something “simple” and “professional”, echoing / resonating with the image of terroir that we wanted to highlight.

A first phase of Philippe’s work has been to get to know our universe, our values ​​and our wishes; a work that has allowed a real confidence building on our part, with discussions around representations, colors, images, graphics, etc.

As a result of this work, we came up with proposals for the communication tools we needed: a logo, flyers, business cards and a merchant website.

A lot of positive feedback on the launch of our website and the image that it returned (graphics, photos, formatting, etc.) in perfect agreement with our customers, with our values ​​and our company. Philippe offers flyers in the form of postcards with the front of beautiful photos of our farms and on the back a text presentation; a very original idea, certainly more expensive than a simple flyer but which has earned a real crush from our customers who consider these cards as posters to display and collect.

Among various advice provided by Philippe, the realization of photos of our products (meats and cold cuts) in studio with homogeneous lighting and white background. Knowing very little of the world of photography, I remained dubious about the need to resort to a photo studio but the final result has finished convincing me, very satisfied with the professional image.

A series of ideas, suggestions and achievements that ultimately give a very fair image of our company and make us proud of our achievement. Today, despite the small, highly rationalized budget of a nascent company, we want to keep an undeniable part of communication and its tools so that they are a continuation of what we do on a daily basis.


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Customer testimonial
Morgane Cadario
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A lot of positive feedback on the launch of our website [...]

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